Raziel is a person you can implicitly trust, someone who is on your team from day one.

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Utilize our lifelong expertise and affection for the San Francisco Peninsula, along with an in-depth grasp of your priorities, and data-centric approaches, to assist you in achieving the most advantageous outcome when buying or selling your home.

Rely on our expertise in the San Francisco Peninsula, tailored strategies, and personalized attention to optimize your home sale or purchase

Why should you buy with Nestor Icaza?


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Expert knowledge of the San Bruno

Having lived and worked in San Bruno for most of my entire life, I am an expert in this area. I will help you understand local market conditions in San Bruno so you feel in control of your search and get you acquainted with neighborhoods that align with your preferences and price point.

“Having someone with strong local knowledge who can act confidently and decisively was extremely important".

Nestor Icaza & Crystal

Make your search smoother and understand the market better.

Buying a home is a significant decision, often filled with emotions and time investment. I’ve crafted a streamlined three-step system to make the process efficient and effective for you. By blending your goals with my local insights and data-driven approach, we narrow down your search to just three to seven target neighborhoods. On average, my clients explore fewer than ten homes before finding their ideal match – some even make the first property they see their new home!

“Joseph Bugtai started working as a Virtual Administrative Assistant in 2015. Aside from Administrative tasks he also does sales and marketing. "

Joseph Bugtai

Secure the Optimal Home Price through Negotiation

Nestor Icaza, with extensive negotiation expertise, has assisted numerous buyers in securing their homes at the most favorable prices. He draws from his hands-on training at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation, combined with over 17 years of local experience. Nestor understands the key elements that sellers look for in a purchase contract and provides valuable guidance on crafting a strong and compelling offer. He has achieved the remarkable position of being ranked as the #1 buyer’s agent in San Mateo County according to MLS data, having successfully represented more buyers than any of the county’s 3,000 agents. On average, Nestor’s clients submit approximately 1.3 offers before entering into a contract.

Provide personalized service and dedicated support

Who you choose to represent you is incredibly crucial in our competitive market. I don’t just show up at the beginning and the end to close a deal; I am hands on and heavily involved from start to finish, and will be your main point of contact from our initial meetings until after you get your keys to your new home. Working with my incredible team ensures you can view homes quickly and at a convenient time for you, and write purchase contracts quickly. Writing an offer typically takes 5 to 8 hours of your time. The decision-making process can be quick. We make sure you feel comfortable, supported and in the driver’s seat throughout the entire process.

“From our first meeting until we closed on our home Raziel was always available and an invaluable advocate.

Debbie Byrne & Brie Ahern

Highly regarded in the real estate community

The reputation and professionalism of the agent you select are important to helping you achieve not only the home you want, but the home you want at a price you feel is fair. I’m proud of the excellent reputation I have earned in the real estate community which reduces the number of offers our clients need to write to get what they want. An agent’s reputation — and their reputation for integrity — can significantly impact the success of a real estate transaction.

“Raziel is the best in the business, mostly because he and his team were very hands on throughout the process, and proactively managed the process every step of the way.

Aneesha Aggarwal & Arpan Punyani

Simplify your experience and get valuable insights with our three-step process.


Introductory consultation

We will connect through either a phone call or Zoom meeting to go over the market, your background, our process, the buyer representation agreement, and how we manage dual agency.


In-depth exploration

Once we’re working together, we’ll schedule two Zoom calls. During these calls, we’ll thoroughly explore the real estate market, discuss your preferences, and have a chance to connect with you on a more personal level.


Commence the property tours

We’ll explore the neighborhoods you’re interested in, paying special attention to specific areas and streets that catch your eye.

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You’ve got a dedicated team of experts right by your side, walking you through every single step. Our deep know-how and years of experience guarantee that your journey to buying a home will be absolutely top-notch.

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