Redwood City

Where Renowned Weather, Scenic Hiking Trails, and Rich Heritage Abound

Redwood City holds a prime location at the heart of the peninsula, making it an ideal choice for those working in Silicon Valley or San Francisco. Situated in close proximity to Atherton, Woodside, and Stanford, the city is experiencing a vibrant revitalization of its downtown area, complete with a recently completed movie theater, a shopping complex, and a brand-new Whole Foods store. Serving as the county seat, Redwood City is home to courthouses and a range of county services, and boasts the distinction of having the only deepwater port on San Francisco Bay south of the city itself. While Redwood Shores is a neighborhood within Redwood City, road access between the two requires passing through the neighboring city of San Carlos.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by the abundance of adventure awaiting them. Edgewood Park entices with its picturesque serpentine grasslands, offering miles of hiking and equestrian trails that lead to breathtaking vistas. Redwood Shores boasts delightful waterways and paved walking trails, perfect for leisurely exploration. The neighborhoods of Mount Carmel and Emerald Lake Hills, situated in the unincorporated area of San Mateo County, reflect the area’s rich cultural heritage through their well-designed, distinct homes and expansive wooded lots, creating an atmosphere of tranquility.

In close proximity to many peninsula homes, Canada Community College, conveniently located off Highway 280, presents opportunities for educational pursuits.

Fun fact: Redwood Shores is home to the DreamWorks animation division, known for producing beloved films such as Shrek, Shrek 2, Shark Tale, and Madagascar. Additionally, Redwood Shores serves as the headquarters for Electronic Arts, the world’s largest video game publisher, as well as Oracle Corporation.









1.3M - 5M


Pricing data based on single-family homes

Key features


Diverse housing

A wide range of housing options, from urban to suburban to rural, providing diversity for every preference.


Rich heritage

Time-honored residential areas featuring delightful period residences.


Open, grassy areas

Expansive parks and preserved green areas.

Shopping options

A celebrated small-town atmosphere with a strong sense of community.


A variety of neighborhoods

From roomy dwellings in the historic Edgewood Park to neighborhoods filled with ranch-style homes, to secluded and spacious residences in the serene Emerald Hills area, you'll find a diverse range of housing choices.

Redwood City Neighborhoods

Central Park/Woodside Plaza

The Central Park area in Redwood City comprises two distinct neighborhoods: Palm Park and Woodside Plaza. Palm Park is densely populated and located in the eastern half of Central Park, while Woodside Plaza is the last "flatlands" neighborhood before the city's terrain becomes hilly. Woodside Plaza properties are priced higher than those in Palm Park, with entry-level homes starting above $1 million and the market ranging beyond $2 million. In contrast, Palm Park offers single-family homes under $1 million and condos starting at around $500,000. Palm Park features a mix of larger and newer homes at the high end, while the low end is influenced by location, with some homes sharing blocks with small apartment buildings. The neighborhood includes small pre-war Mediterranean and bungalows close to El Camino Real. Both Palm Park and Woodside Plaza are well-established neighborhoods with well-maintained, tree-lined streets, active neighborhood associations, and convenient access to commute routes. Central Park encompasses multiple city parks, two shopping centers, and two public schools: Henry Ford Elementary and John F. Kennedy Middle School. With its affordable price point under $1.5 million, this centrally located neighborhood is highly sought after and serves as a stepping stone for homeowners looking to eventually move to the town's high-end neighborhoods.

Clifford Heights

Clifford Heights is an exclusive and high-priced neighborhood in the Redwood City area. With a population of less than 1,000, it offers a secluded and rural atmosphere while being conveniently located less than two miles from downtown Redwood City and San Carlos. Once part of unimproved land owned by the Bulletin Publishing Company, Clifford Heights has evolved into an exceptional neighborhood known for its distinctive topography and desirable real estate. Characterized by winding roads, lush greenery, and split-rail fences, Clifford Heights cherishes its colorful past and maintains a relaxed ambiance. The area stands out even within Emerald Lake Hills for its unique charm. The Palomar Property Owners, a strong homeowners association established in 1956, actively protects the neighborhood's interests, organizing community events and maintaining local infrastructure.Showcases diverse homes tailored to their respective lots. Traditional suburban homes from the 1960s and 1970s can be found in the "lower" area, featuring two-story and ranch-style designs with three to four bedrooms and around 2,000 square feet of living space. In contrast, Belle Roche Estates is a gated community within Clifford Heights, consisting of 16 grand residences exceeding 4,000 square feet on half-acre lots. These luxurious homes often sell for over $2 million, occasionally reaching beyond $3 million. The remaining properties in Clifford Heights offer a mix of architectural styles. There are elegant homes built by A.J. and Laura Harwood in the 1920s and 1930s, including notable residences on the 300 block of Palomar Drive. Other blocks feature homes from the 1950s, some offering breathtaking views. Recent data indicates that the range of properties in Clifford Heights typically sells between $1.5 million and $2.5 million, with the majority priced at or above $2 million.

Cordilleras Heights/Emerald Hills

Emerald Hills, also known as Cordilleras Heights, is a prestigious neighborhood within the Redwood City region. Formerly part of Don Jose Dario Arguello's Rancho de las Pulgas, it now boasts some of the area's most expensive real estate. The narrow residential lanes, including Cordilleras Road, wind through the hills and offer a charming setting devoid of sidewalks.The neighborhood's rustic 1920s cabins have made way for grandiose homes. Cordilleras Heights real estate showcases spacious properties starting around $1.7 million, reaching up to the mid-$3 million range. These homes prioritize size, often exceeding 4,000 square feet, and luxury amenities. Modern features such as expansive master suites, home theaters, terraced yards with swimming pools, and captivating views stretching to San Francisco Bay are prevalent. Many homes sit on large lots, often exceeding an acre, offering exceptional value compared to similar properties in Woodside and Hillsborough.Despite its opulence, Cordilleras Heights retains its distinctive character. The area's funky past is cherished, and the remaining rustic cabins serve as a reminder of its roots. Cordilleras lacks a pedestrian-friendly urban lifestyle, with a Walkscore in the 20s, but it does offer the Canyon Inn, a casual restaurant/bar with a welcoming atmosphere.Homes surrounding Emerald Lakes command a premium due to their waterfront location and infrequent turnover. Streets closer to Alameda de las Pulgas provide better access to Redwood City amenities and feature more modest homes resembling traditional Redwood City housing. Cordilleras Heights is a dynamic neighborhood, exhibiting a blend of suburban and picturesque mountain retreat vibes.The highly-regarded Roy Cloud K-8 public school falls within Cordilleras Heights' boundaries, adding to its appeal for discerning buyers. While the district is not conveniently located near downtown or freeways, residents prioritize seclusion and abundant living space over convenience. The hills behind Redwood City fulfill their desires, combining a touch of a colorful past with the pinnacle of the local real estate market.


Dumbarton is a large area in Redwood City consisting of multiple neighborhoods, including Fair Oaks, Friendly Acres, Dumbarton Park, and Redwood Village. Additionally, the adjacent rural neighborhood of North Fair Oaks belongs to Menlo Park. These sub-neighborhoods offer affordable options for first-time homebuyers, allowing them to own a single-family home on a condominium budget. Dumbarton real estate is situated at the lower end of the Redwood City market, offering post-recession prices that are significantly lower than other Peninsula neighborhoods. Single-family homes in Dumbarton are actively listed at or below $1 million. Fair Oaks, located north of North Fair Oaks, houses the Fair Oaks Community Center, the Fair Oaks Branch of the Redwood City library, and various businesses along Middlefield Road. The real estate in Fair Oaks consists of a mix of single-family homes built from the 1920s to the 1980s, as well as low-rise apartment buildings. Some of the homes are remarkably small, with living spaces as little as 700 square feet and one to four bedrooms. Occupying the northeast corner of Dumbarton, Redwood Village spans nearly one square mile. Its boundaries include Middlefield Road, Woodside Road, the freeway, and Fair Oaks. Redwood Village features shops, restaurants, Summit Preparatory Charter High School, and Hoover Park. The housing in Redwood Village is mostly rental units, including one- and two-bedroom apartments and small one- and two-story homes. Light industrial buildings line the eastern edge of the neighborhood. Dumbarton Park, the namesake neighborhood of the overall area, is one of Redwood City's denser parts due to its high concentration of multi-unit residential buildings. Dumbarton Park real estate follows the affordability trend of Dumbarton, with single-family homes available for significantly less than $1 million. These homes tend to be small, with less than 1,000 square feet of living space and one or two bedrooms. Construction of homes and apartment buildings in Dumbarton Park occurred between World War I and the 1980s, with a majority built during the 1960s. After a downturn in the early 2010s, Fair Oaks, Redwood Village, and Dumbarton have experienced a rebound. While $1 million properties are no longer uncommon, the neighborhoods' inventory of single-family homes below $1 million remains an exceptional and affordable opportunity in the current competitive Peninsula market.

Farm Hill Estates

Farm Hills Estates is a well-established suburban community in Redwood City, offering a blend of nature and residential comfort. While neighboring Emerald Hills maintained its secluded, rural atmosphere by resisting annexation, Farm Hills was always a part of Redwood City. Developed by Andy Oddstad, a renowned World War II hero and respected builder, Farm Hill Estates showcases the craftsmanship and quality associated with Oddstad Homes. The development of Oddstad's "Medallion Series" in Farm Hills began in the 1950s, attracting homebuyers with its superior workmanship and inviting them to witness the construction process firsthand. The newer section of Farm Hills, with its winding streets, diverse architecture, and larger homes, shares similarities with neighboring Emerald Hills. These spacious homes, offering bay views and exceeding 3,000 square feet of living space, often command prices surpassing $4.5 million. However, it is the original Oddstad homes that have become synonymous with Farm Hills, consistently receiving offers well above asking prices and selling for an average of $2.8 million to over $3 million. Farm Hills Estates is not only desirable for its serene environment, scenic views, and ample space but also for its proximity to Roy Cloud Elementary School, one of Redwood City's most sought-after elementary schools. Situated near the border of Farm Hills Estates, Roy Cloud Elementary consistently ranks among California's top public schools in academic performance. Ideal for homebuyers seeking a peaceful setting without the isolation of Emerald Hills, Farm Hills Estates offers a sense of community, attractive spacious homes priced in the middle to upper middle range, and convenient access to the nearby 280 freeway. Additionally, the presence of Canada College within the neighborhood provides cultural opportunities. While Farm Hills Estates may not cater to those seeking pre-war charm, cutting-edge modern style, or expansive hillside properties, it fulfills Andy Oddstad's vision of an established suburban community with a touch of nature.

Highschool Acres

High School Acres in Redwood City is a district encompassing the city's oldest residential neighborhoods, boasting beautiful and sought-after vintage homes. Spanning from Roosevelt Avenue to the San Carlos border (south-north) and El Camino Real to Alameda de las Pulgas (east-west), High School Acres contains a variety of neighborhoods. It is home to Sequoia High School, which initially opened in downtown Redwood City in 1895 before relocating to its current Brewster Avenue site in 1924. Among the distinctive neighborhoods within High School Acres is Mount Carmel, offering mid-level homebuyers an opportunity to own smaller 1920s bungalows, Mediterranean and English-style houses, and 1940s-50s ranchers. Prices for Mount Carmel homes range from the low $1.5 to $2 million. Wellesley Park, the city's first residential development west of El Camino Real, features a mix of old and new homes, including large Victorians, Mediterraneans, Colonials, and Arts and Crafts houses. Moving west on Edgewood Road, you'll find Redwood City's original "Millionaire's Row" with enormous vintage homes and large lots. Together with adjacent Mount Carmel, this northern end of High School Acres is referred to as Oak Knoll/Redwood Park. It is highly desirable due to its charming vintage architecture and tree-lined streets. Roosevelt, located just south of Brewster Avenue, offers orderly blocks of 1940s-50s ranch homes, occasionally interspersed with pre-war bungalows and newer constructions. Roosevelt real estate is relatively more affordable, with single-family homes available for less than $500,000. High School Acres has evolved into a multifaceted district, featuring iconic landmarks such as Sequoia High School and Red Morton Park. With its diverse housing options, it provides homebuyers looking to live near downtown Redwood City with plenty of choices.

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